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6 Best-Rated Nurseries in Dubai – 2023

You’ll always feel that time goes very quickly as a parent and that your children are developing much more quickly. The early years are perhaps the most difficult, especially when it comes time for your toddler to leave the house and spend some time each day at a nursery.
It is a challenging time for both parents and children. It is the first time a parent has trusted a stranger with their child. However, for the young person, being in the company of unknown people and children his or her own age is a life-altering decision. Children and their parents are going through an emotionally and mentally taxing time.

Finding the ideal hideaway for your child just became a little bit easier thanks to our list of the best nurseries in Dubai:

  1. Chubby Cheeks

The Honorable The UAE is home to over 16 branches of Nurseries. Infants from 45 days old to the age of four are welcome, and the curriculum is based on the British system. When your children are ready to transfer to major schools, you won’t have any trouble locating the best one for them because the chain is associated with approximately 20 huge institutions. Additionally, it collaborates with the government on a number of projects.

The nursery’s emphasis on the child’s whole development is a significant feature. This offers lessons in arithmetic, languages, indoor and outdoor play spaces, a small gym, and other things. The teaching team has extensive training and experience working with children in this age range. The nursery has been given a 5-star rating by the Jawda Quality Improvement Program, which is an international quality improvement program. The Dubai Quality Group is affiliated with the ISO 9001:2008 certified nursery.

Top Nurseries in Dubai
  1. Little Land Nursery and Montessori Centre

This nursery has been operating since 1994 and won the Top Schools Award for Best Early Childhood Center in the UAE in 2021–2022. The nursery is situated in Umm Suqeim, off Manara Road, and is filled with love and warmth. The owner, Sioq Moore, is actively involved in the day-to-day management of the nursery. In actuality, the owner is well-known to each child as well as to their parents. Other than that, it’s impossible to ignore the atmosphere created by the natural sunlight and the really cozy outdoor architecture.

Children as young as 1.5 years old and as old as 4 years old are accepted at Little Land. All of the educators have credentials that meet the standards of the UK’s National Nursery Examination Board. Kids like having lots of room to explore new ideas and develop at their own speed, both physically and cognitively. Despite wearing a uniform, the establishment does not offer meals. Children must transport their own lunch boxes.

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  1. Kangaroo Kids

Laura Barton Toyne, an experienced educator, and early years leader are in charge of Kangaroo Kids, which is based in Al Safa 2. Parents are pleased and convinced about the development and safety of their children by the nursery’s many appealing features to view the top-rated nurseries in Dubai. The nursery offers a lot to offer your children throughout their formative years, including attractively furnished classrooms, a little amphitheater, a sensory trail, and “Curiosity Approach” accreditation.

There are other chances for practical learning. For instance, the many animals in the nursery provide the children with a special opportunity to learn about pet maintenance. During enjoyable lessons, there are also chances for students to discover their passions, interests, and hobbies.

Nurseries in Dubai By Rating
  1. British Orchard Nursery

The British Orchard, another honorable nursery with more than 25 years of expertise, is situated in Al Twar 2, Dubai. It may be found at more than 25 sites in the UAE. The nursery employs cutting-edge techniques to concentrate on high-quality teaching with a major concentration on child development.
For age-appropriate learning, the British EYFS curriculum employs seven main skill sets. The childcare provides curricula in Mandarin and French in addition to English. Additionally, learning Arabic is advantageous when visiting Dubai, which is why the daycare instructs young children in the language.

Best Rated Nurseries in Dubai
  1. Kids Island

Jumeirah 3 has been home to this unique nursery for close to three decades. The EYFS framework, commonly known as “The Inspire Approach,” is used in the nursery. The customized care each kid receives at the Kids Island Nursery is one of the things you’ll notice right away. The fact that the nursery’s senior management is a mother-daughter partnership is advantageous for nurseries in Dubai by rating.

The elaborate landscaping outside is the other standout feature of the building. While creating a healthy, holistic learning environment for children is the goal, the way the décor, furnishings, etc., have been chosen and organized makes it seem especially beautiful. The eco-conscious childcare welcomes children from one year old to four years old and uses the British Curriculum. It was recognized for its outstanding work quality with the “Learning Garden Award.”

Best Nurseries in Dubai
  1. Odyssey Nursery

One of the rare nurseries in Dubai that provides a learning environment for children in three distinct languages—English, Arabic, and French—is Odyssey Nursery, which is situated at Jumeirah 3. The nursery’s adoption of an American curriculum, as opposed to the British Curriculum used by the majority of other nurseries in Dubai, is another distinctive aspect. The Early Learning Developmental Benchmarks program for Washington State is linked with the daycare center.
Children between the ages of four months and four years are welcome in the childcare. The comprehensive child development center uses the Reggio Emilia method. The whole curriculum is built on experiential learning using a play-based methodology.

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Bottom Line

Dubai offers top-notch education in addition to being a hotspot for business and a lavish lifestyle. By selecting the finest Dubai nurseries, you can be confident that your child will learn the best life lessons and will receive the best training possible.